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Carmel Mulch

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Carmel Mulch Delivery & Installation

As the leader for Carmel Mulch delivery and installation, we look forward to serving you this year! We offer a wide array of mulch choices, which can be found on our PRODUCTS page. On each individual mulch page with descriptions, you will find a calculator that you can easily use to make sure you get the appropriate amount of product for your landscaped areas.

 All mulches will retain moisture in the ground, so plants can grow stronger and healthier. As mulch breaks down over time, it will add a layer of topsoil to the ground which will promote a healthier base for your plants to thrive. In due time, more topsoil will form which will then be a great place for worms to move in, which will provide even more nutrients.

How long will my mulch last?

The answer to this question varies, as it really depends on the mulch you choose. For instance, Cypress Mulch usually lasts longer than a traditional mulch as long as you turn it every month or two. An easy way to turn mulch is using a pitchfork like gardening tool. That all being said, your mulch should last approximately one year as long as your thickness is about 2 inches. Putting more than 2 inches usually won't do anything for your Carmel mulch installation, but putting any less will put you at risk of not having enough.  You should mulch every year, especially with a newer bed to make sure the appropriate nutrients are present. However, by year 3, you should have a very solid base of top soil allowing you to only mulch 1 inch. This is not always the case, and should be reviewed by your Carmel mulch delivery specialist.

Organic Carmel Mulch

Organic Mulch always has an advantage of having a healthier topsoil over time due to its ability to decompose properly. It will be the conduit in which your soil will loosen and improve root growth, increase water cleanliness/filtration, and improve the capacity of water that the soil can hold. This creates a perfect foundation for your plants to get the nutrients they require, and will make your beds look better than everyone elses. It will also create the base necessary for earthworms to inhabit, creating even more nutrients for the plant.

Order Carmel Mulch Now

Ready to get started on your Carmel Mulch Delivery? Our process has never been easier. Simply find the mulch product you want, calculate the necessary yardage, and then place the order using our online mulch shopping cart. If you have any questions, please contact us right away. We look forward to serving you this year, and every year thereafter.

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